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The Coolest Christmas Albums Ever Come from Campbell

Posted by Brad Kava (Campbell Patch Editor), December 18, 2013 at 09:36 AM

It's not too late to buy the most rocking Christmas album you'll find anywhere, from a Campbell artist.

So, there I was shopping in Safeway, and a version of "Joy to the World" comes on that blows me away.

I stop in the pet food aisle. I couldn't move it was so good. And at Safeway? What's going on? I thought...I need this. This is what Christmas music should sound like. It rocks. I have to have this. It was blisteringly reverent, catchy, but rocking, taking me to the skies, as good Christmas music should.

Then, all of a sudden, I recognized the Who riff at the end and realized I knew this music. It's the December People, Robert Berry's band, which records in Campbell and is distributed worldwide.

I had just seen them last month at CSU Monterey Bay and bought one of the discs, but not this one, "Rattle and Humbug." I loved the live show.

But now, in the thick of the Christmas season, when I've heard enough Christmas music for a lifetime-- and some of it so badly co-opted for ads, like Garmin, which has destroyed my favorite "Carol of the Bells" -- here, all of a sudden was something that made me love Christmas music again.

I was shocked and so pleased to hear it in Safeway, on a satellite broadcast.

And it proved to me my objectivity. I love Robert Berry as a person. He's just a class act. And I love that he's from Campbell. So, I would probably love anything he did, if I knew it was him.

But here I had no clue what I was listening to and I wanted to buy it and tell everyone I know how I found some great rocking holiday music.

When I realized it was him, I had to text him to tell me how happy his music was making me.

Check the sample video above and here.

I guarantee if you put this on Christmas morning you will have everyone smiling.

And if you want to buy it, go to or hell, he'll hate me for saying this, but the holiday is so close and you need some refreshing rocking music, go to his studio Soundtek Studios just off downtown at 85 S 2nd St. and buy one there.